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BASIC IMMUNOLOGY. Textbook for foreign medical students (Основы иммунологии). 2-е издание

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Авторы: Lyudmila V. Gankovskaya, Leila S. Namazova-Baranova, Marina A. Stenina, Vyacheslav V. Grechenko,Marina V. Horeva, Oksana A. Svitich, Galina A. Ignatieva, Evgenia V. Sokolova, Tatyana V. Gromova,Almira D. Donetskova, Aleksandr L. Kovalchuk

Reviewers:Yudina S.M., doctor of medical sciences, professor, Head of the Department of Clinical Immunologyand Allergology, Kursk State Medical UniversitySergeev O.V., doctor of biological sciences, professor, Department of Microbiology, Virology andImmunology, Faculty of Medicine and Prevention, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University(Sechenov University), Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Год издания: 2021

Количество страниц: 108


Издательство: ПедиатрЪ

This manual is a presentation of the basics of General Immunology: the structure of the immune system
and the common rules of its functioning. Up-to-date characteristics of the main mechanisms of innate and
adaptive immunity are also discussed. Separate chapters are devoted to the characterization of immune cells,
differentiation of T- and B-lymphocytes, cytokines and antibodies. The structure and functions of the human
major histocompatibility complex and features of the development of immune reactions are described in greater
In addition, this manual contains a list of questions for self-control testing and has plenty of illustrations
to facilitate focused learning. This structure of the manual will help students to highlight important aspects of
Immunology as a discipline and to gain fundamental knowledge in all studied processes, as well as to achieve
better understanding, help organize, bring focus and structure into the study.
Manual is intended for students of Medical Universities studying «Immunology» as a discipline in the
English language, under specialty code 05.31.01 «General Medicine».
The publication is a translation from Russian of an updated version of the first chapter of the textbook
«Basic Immunology for Dentists» published by Paediatrician Publishers in 2019. The book you are holding is
the second edition.



Immune system, structural and functional features. The concept of innate and adaptive immunity

     Structural and functional organization of the immune system
     The central organs of the immune system
     Peripheral organs and tissues of the immune system  

Structures recognized by the immune system 
     Antigens and haptens
        Definition of antigen, the main properties of antigens 
        Types of antigens 
     Structures recognized by the innate immune system

Innate immunity
     Recognition of «foreign» by the innate immune system. Innate immune receptors
     Cells of the innate immune system 
        Innate cells of the myeloid lineage
        Lymphoid cells with innate immunity functions
     Humoral factors of the innate immune system  

Major histocompatibility complex
     MHC structure and functions
        Genetic map of the human major histocompatibility complex 
        Features of the major histocompatibility complex 
     MHC class I molecules 
     MHC class II molecules
     Endogenous antigen processing pathway
     Exogenous antigen-processing pathway
     HLA disease association

     Classification of cytokines
     Characteristics of cytokine-producing cells. Concept of Th1, Th2 and Th17 subpopulations 
     Characteristics of some cytokines
     Cytokine receptors
     Cytokines and inflammation. Local and systemic effects of cytokines

Adaptive immunity
     T-lymphocytes. The main markers and receptors. Features of antigen recognition.
     The main subpopulations, the functions of lymphocytes 
        Main characteristics of T-lymphocytes 
        The structure of the T-cell receptor
        T-lymphocyte development 
     B-lymphocytes. The main markers and receptors. Specifics of antigen recognition. The main subpopulations and functions
        Main characteristics of B-lymphocytes
        Subpopulations of B-lymphocytes
        BCR structure
        B-lymphocyte markers
        Antigen-independent differentiation of B-lymphocytes
        General characteristics and structure of the antibody molecule
        Mechanisms of antigen-antibody interactions
        Properties and effector functions of immunoglobulins
        Characteristics of the main classes of immunoglobulins

Immune response
     Phases of the immune response
     Types of immune response and factors determining the development of an immune response 
        Stages of cytotoxic immune response 
     Humoral immune response
     Mucosal immunity 

      Main literature
      Additional literature

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